Umi Sushi Express was founded in 2003 with its first store in Market Mall, Calgary. Striving to meet the area’s desire for healthy and creative Japanese cuisine, the location was a success, and was the beginning of Umi’s expansion. The latest stores, Umi: Japanese Eatery & Udon Bar in Richmond Centre, Vancouver and Rideau Centre Umi are the latest embodiments of the Umi brand.

Inspired by udon dishes found in Japan, this store features authentic udon noodles made fresh daily, along with a full menu of offerings ranging from sushi to bento boxes. For this store, Umi enlisted the help of a certified Udon Master from Japan, who trained our Udon Specialists.

Umi Sushi Express operates 30 locations across Canada. There are three banners in the Umi family: Umi Sushi Express, Umi Teriyaki & Sushi, and Umi: Japanese Eatery & Udon Bar. Each location’s banner is chosen based on menu, store size and market.

Through constant improvement and evolution, Umi aims to offer delicious and creative cuisine that is fresh, healthy, made with care and integrity of ingredients.